[cost_calculator_dropdown_box id=»dropdown-box1″ label=»Choose Your Material» options_count=»17″ option_name0=»Wood – Pressure treated deck (5/4«x 6«)» option_value0=»22″ option_name1=»Wood – Western red cedar deck STK (5/4«x6«)» option_value1=»25″ option_name2=»Wood- Ipe exotic decking (1«x6«)» option_value2=»35″ option_name3=»Wood- Ipe exotic decking (5/4«x6«)» option_value3=»38″ option_name4=»Composite – Trex decking (Good)» option_value4=»36″ option_name5=»Composite – Trex decking (Better)» option_value5=»38″ option_name6=»Composite – Trex decking (Best)» option_value6=»40″ option_name7=»Composite – Fiberon decking (Good)» option_value7=»36″ option_name8=»Composite – Fiberon decking (Better)» option_value8=»38″ option_name9=»Composite – Fiberon decking (Best)» option_value9=»40″ option_name10=»Composite – Timbertech decking (Good)» option_value10=»38″ option_name11=»Composite – Timbertech decking (Better)» option_value11=»39″ option_name12=»Composite – Timbertech decking (Best)» option_value12=»40″ option_name13=»PVC – Azek decking (Good)» option_value13=»40″ option_name14=»PVC – Azek decking (Better)» option_value14=»42″ option_name15=»PVC – Azek decking (Best)» option_value15=»44″ option_name16=»Zuri PVC decking (Best)» option_value16=»50″ show_choose_label=»1″][cost_calculator_slider_box id=»pw-area-width1″ name=»area-width» label=»Approximate Size in Square Feet:» default_value=»150″ min=»150″ max=»1000″ input_field=»0″]

The amount of square feet must include: Floors, landing, stairs, risers, fascia’s, screens, skirting and other finished elements. (If applicable)

[cost_calculator_summary_box id=»paver-walkway-cost1″ formula=»pw-area-width1*dropdown-box1″ description=»Approximate Project Cost (taxes are not included)» icon=»cc-template-wallet»][cost_calculator_contact_box label=»Contact Details» submit_label=»SUBMIT NOW» name_label=»Your Name *» name_required=»1″ email_label=»Your Email *» email_required=»1″ phone_label=»Your Phone» phone_required=»0″ message_label=»Please to briefly describe your project: Shape, size, and finishing choice(s), if possible. Thank you.» message_required=»1″ description=»We will contact you within one business day.» labels_style=»placeholder» terms_checkbox=»0″ type=»Paver Walkway» el_class=»cost-calculator-box margin-top-10″]
[cost_calculator_dropdown_box id=»rail-linear» label=»Choose Your Type of Railing» options_count=»9″ option_name0=»Wood – Pressure treated standard railing 42«» option_value0=»60″ option_name1=»Wood – Western cedar standard railing 42«» option_value1=»80″ option_name2=»Wood – Ipe standard railing 42«» option_value2=»120″ option_name3=»Aluminium – standard railing 42«» option_value3=»80″ option_name4=»Aluminium + Glass panels standard railing 42«» option_value4=»95″ option_name5=»Composite railing (Good) 42«» option_value5=»120″ option_name6=»Composite railing (Better) 42«» option_value6=»140″ option_name7=»Composite railing (Best) 42«» option_value7=»160″ option_name8=»Frameless glass railing 42«» option_value8=»250″ show_choose_label=»1″][cost_calculator_slider_box id=»slider-box-rail» label=»Number of Linear Feet» default_value=»» max=»800″ input_field=»0″]


When picking a decking contractor its important to choose a company with a great reputation with years of experience installing the materials you would like installed. At Patios National we offer both! If you want a low maintenance deck that last. We’re your crew!

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